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All the great artist that make us.

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Brenda Caldwell

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Aunt B’s Place offers handcrafted Steampunk and industrial-style sculptural pieces, functional décor and accessories, wearable art, and accessories with a vintage neo-Victorian vibe.  Artist and owner Brenda Caldwell designs and creates each piece, so no two items are identical. Brenda is a board member and current president of MAG 

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Found Object Lamp and Steampunk Wedding Hat.jpg

Randy Crane

Randy's photography is often centered around the capture of light and how it interacts with the subject and specializes in landscape and still life photos.  Randy is a founding member of MAG and feels it is important to give artists in this area a way to share their art with the community.

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Mark Smith

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Mark dabbles in traditional and digital collage, digital abstract painting, and Japanese haiga.  He has also published poems, short stories, and essays in various publications.  Mark is a board member of the Mountain Arts Guild.

The Body is Not a Temple (1).jpg

Wanda Broadwater

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Wanda is a realism multi-media artist whos love of animals can be seen in her artworks she creates. Wanda also has a farm, where her animals are the subject of many of her artworks. Wanda is also on the MAG board

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Kalee Wright

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Kalee is the owner and operator of Highland Pine Studios. She is a watercolor and colored pencil artist whose focus is primarily on the natural world around her. When not making art, Kalee teaches classes to special education adults, elderly in nursing homes, and occasional paint and sips.


Ashley Rotruck

Ashley is the executive director for mineral county tourism. She advocates for the arts because the pairing of arts and culture with tourism can lead to economic development by bringing more visitors into the area, while also contributing to community well-being.

Sheila Golden

Sheila is not an artist, but is an advocate of arts in all genres and forms and is an avid supporter of MAG

Ronnie Wright

Ronnie is a self taught photographer and sculptor. Ronnie is a portrait artist, whom of which finds beauty in abandoned things and lost people. Ronnie is also an advocator of the arts in his community, and avid supporter of MAG

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Lynn Smith

 Lynn has been teaching art over 21 years in both Allegany and Mineral counties. She is also the owner and operator of Lynn's Art Classes, located at 72 Armstrong St. in Keyser, WV, where she teaches classes to all ages. Lynn is also a skilled multi-media artist.

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Lynn 1.jpeg
Lynn 3.jpeg

Martin and Barbara Townsend

Barbara Gunderman Townsend is an award-winning storyteller, preservationist, and author of Under the Wolf Moon. Barbara is a skilled writer with accolades from Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. at Shepherd University, the Tamarack Foundation as one of the best novels of 2011 in the state of West Virginia, and the Order of the Cozet, for her work in preservation to name a few. Barbara has also been recognized as the state of West Virginia's Heritage Hero for her work on historical sites in her community, in 2015. Barbara and her husband Martin still live and contribute to their local community, in Fort Ashby, West Virginia. 

Under the Wolf Moon.jpeg

Anna, Clinton, Jack and Lily Campbell

The Campbell family are active and avid supporters of the arts and MAG.

Jacqueline Bogart

Jacqueline's primary art form is crochet, with some sewing. Some items Jacqueline creates include baby blankets, sweater sets, adult afgans, and shawls. Among other things, she also makes pet beds and fleece blankets.

Cara Lynn Diehl

Judy Null

Judy is the owner and operator of JK Books, where she takes books of all types, from journals to novels to sketchbooks and alters them into a thing of artistic beauty.

Glenda J. Pierce

Glenda is the owner/operator of Stella's Dots. She first began her artwork as therapy for tremors in her hands. She is a self-proclaimed self taught artist, whom of which learned from watching others. When she starts painting, Glenda say's her mind and body both become stress free, and her tremors stop. She likens it to a meditation and therapy. 

Cara is a jewlery maker, specifically beaded jewlery such as earrings, bracelets and watches as well as two different styles of beaded bookmarks. 

Stellas Dots 1.jpeg
Stellas Dots 3.jpeg
Stellas Dots 2.jpeg

Sophia Lord

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Sophia Lord is a young artist based in Short Gap and Keyser, West Virginia. Sophia works with a variety of mediums such as acrylic, oil paint, watercolor, graphite, and colored pencils. Sophia often bases her works on objects, people, colors, and landscapes that have sentimental meaning to her. Sophia hopes to soon venture into large 'statement' pieces, and commissioned works as she grows as an artist, and follows with her membership with MAG.


Lynne Borowicz

Lynne Borowicz

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