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Artist Spotlight
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Aunt B's Place

Aunt B’s Place offers handcrafted Steampunk and industrial-style sculptural pieces, functional décor and accessories, wearable art, and accessories with a vintage neo-Victorian vibe.  Artist and owner Brenda Caldwell designs and creates each piece, so no two items are identical. Her creations feature a wide variety of rather... well...  unconventional materials.  A drawer handle becomes an elegant necklace.  Vacuum tubes and wire combine to create an intricate bird sculpture. Vintage ex-library newspaper microfilm becomes a striking pair of earrings.  Bullet casings become pocket-sized touchscreen styli.  Antique typewriter keys, light bulbs, clockworks, cogs, gears, cabinet hinges, masonry nails, skeleton keys, various metal bits and other found objects are transformed and repurposed in delightfully unexpected ways. 


Ms. Caldwell, a resident of Fort Ashby, WV, was drawn to the Steampunk and industrial art movement through her love of Victorian-era antiques and design aesthetics.  Now, what started as a mere hobby has blossomed into a successful business venture as more and more people discover the wonderfully whimsical world of Steampunk.

Some of Aunt B's Work -
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